10 Best Tips to Tackle PeriCON like a BOSS

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Are you excited for PeriCON 2016?

Jai Stone and team have lined up a 2-day event full of the top experts in their fields. PeriCON is being called the Global Entrepreneur Conference for technology, entrepreneurship, and social media. As a techie who has been an entrepreneur since 2004, who also loves social media – I was delighted to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador. PS It’s great when you see brands that you use in your own business like Infusionsoft come onboard as a sponsor for inaugural events like PeriCON.

As you prepare for what will surely be an epic mind-shifting experience for you and your business, here’s some tips to help you best conquer PeriCON.

Before the conference 

1. You’re coming to Atlanta and the weather can be hot in late April. However, remember that you’re going to be inside a conference space that could be COLD! Be comfortable, confident and chic! Yes, I said it. You don’t need to be in a suit but look fashionably fly. You’ll see other attendees wearing outfit styles that are all across the board. Most outfits are totally acceptable because it’s all about representing your true self.

2. Bring business cards and lots of them! You can order them online at a ton of place even consider VistaPrint. Your business card should reflect your brand. Remember this but there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful, simple design with the necessary info.

3. Have you joined the Facebook group, and if so, keep up with it! It should have lots of good info and it will help you put speakers and other attendees in context. 

4. Once the schedule is made available, take a few minutes to think about what you need to take your business to the next level and pick those sessions. Create an agenda with 2 options per time slot just in case your first choice fills up before you grab a seat. 

5. Book your hotel room when you buy your conference ticket. There are several hotels in the Cobb Galleria area but traffic can be really bad so do your best to stay at the host hotel. It’s also good to be at the host hotel, Marriott because you can drop things off in your room and freshen up between events.

6. What’s your best way to retain information? Be prepared to have your mind blown. With that said, you need to be prepared with all of your gadgets. Bring a notebook, your laptop and/or your tablet. Consider using something like Evernote or GoogleDocs so that you can keep taking notes regardless of what device your own. Be sure to bring an external battery for your smartphone. The last thing you want it to have a dead phone. 

During the conference

7. Bring a Sharpie! Make a note directly on the business cards you collect. The 2-day event will be a blur and you want a way to keep track of who you met and the connection you made with them. It helps to follow them on social media immediately, too! Most conferences give you a badge, consider keeping a few extra business cards behind your badge in the lanyard for easy access.

8. You’re going to get a ton of tips regarding your business, but even if you’re tired, take advantage of attending as many events as you can. You never know where you’ll strike up a conversation that leads to a great opportunity. Like they say business deals are made on the golf course, not in the boardroom!

9. Step out of your comfort zone. Meet the speakers. Ask them questions. Go into the day saying.” Everything that I need is here and I’m going to get it.”

After the conference 

10. FOLLOW THRU! Connect with attendees, speakers or brands that you meet at PeriCON. What can you tackle in the next week, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc. Make a list and put a due date next to it. Remember, you came to PeriCON to take your business to the next level and that will only happen if you jump in the driver’s seat and make it happen.



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