8 Restaurants to answer “Where are we going to eat on Valentine’s Day?”

Valentine’s Day equals “Where are we going to eat?”  

Yes, this is the dreaded question that most couples find themselves asking!

If you’re reading this page, I’ll assume that you love Valentine’s Day. What I mean by that is I know my audience; my tribe, if you will. You’re probably a woman, probably have kids or want to, still daydream about being in love and filling your spirit, and most importantly, the only thing you love more than your actual or imaginary Prince Charming is food. And what’s Valentine’s Day without food! (Well, at least chocolate!) Valentine’s Day is cravings of the heart and between my husband and chocolate, I plan to satisfy my cravings!!!


I can’t “pre-post” what my Valentine’s Day romantic dinner and chocolate desserts (yes, plural) I will show you what many of us appreciate about February 14th.


Admittedly, this year I just want to rest. My husband and I are hoping to get away for the night, have dinner, NOT talk about our familial to-dos, look into each other’s eyes and do what adult married people do. At this stage of life, love is expressed through moments like date nights. The simple things make me happy and food and snuggling uninterrupted is exactly what Cupid is ordering.


As I am considering Valentine’s Day dinners, these Atlanta restaurants make the short list:

  1. 4th & Swift
  2. McKinnon’s Louisiane Restaurant
  3. BistroNiko
  4. Chef Robs Cafe
  5. Caribbean Festa


Also here’s some of my favorite restaurants in other cities:

New York City: Melba’s  

Brooklyn: BK9     Amarachi 

New Orleans: Bacchanal 

Miami: Puerto Sagua Restaurant ($)     Mr. Chow 

Orlando: The Flying Fish Cafe 

Phoenix: The Arrogant Butcher 

So, in the spirit of love, I want you all to eat good food, taste awesome desserts and bun up with the one you love!

Please tweet me the restaurant you share with your special someone this weekend! 

Let's keep life yummy together!

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