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Hey there – it’s me, Keri!

Thanks for checking out my site….butterandbeats.com

Ultimately – Butter and Beats is for YOU!

My friends are constantly asking me for recipes or my opinion on the best places to eat and here’s one central place for it all. My goal is to help you dinner on the table and know where to eat on the go. 

Here you’ll find me cooking, listening to music and hanging out with my family and friends. I’m a wife and mother to 4 kiddos including twins and I’m still able to get a meal on the table (most nights). I’m a social media influencer, entrepreneur and blogger.

Most people are truly intimidated by tv cooks or chefs. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your time with me in my kitchen. So let’s go!

When you come spend time in my world, you’ll learn new recipes, tips & tricks, info on my favorite restaurants and music artists. And occasionally you’ll join me on my travels…always through the eye of my favorite dishes.

P.S. Most of the time I’m just sharing to share however there are times that companies work with me to give you my true feedback on their products which I love to do too!

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