Baseball, Birthdays and Beignets

Hi guys! So sorry I missed you last week. I was traveling last week – more on that later – and I didn’t want to just give you a recycled recipe or something from my editorial calendar. I’m really enjoying connecting with you all in “real time” and giving you my present self and not anyone else. Is that ok?

So last week was a whirlwind. I spent five days in Phoenix, AZ at ICON which the annual conference of InfusionSoft. This is my techie side that loves to discuss apps, campaigns, and innovation. Much like cooking, technology never stops or gets stale. It’s evolving and doing what it can to make our lives “easier” (or so we think!)
I’d been to Phoenix before but this time, I was overwhelmed by the scent of opening day baseball. Phoenix is a big spring training ground and the energy and enthusiasm around the upcoming season is alive. Which means hot dogs and pretzels with way too much  mustard. Part me still feels like a little girl when I’m in this element; I’m sitting on my daddy’s lap at Yankee Stadium, he’s smiling, I’m beaming and the Bronx Bombers are beating whoever! Food and sports go hand in hand in my life and this trip to Phoenix was no different.

And then, upon my return to Atlanta late Friday night, I was crazy enough to pack the family into the minivan and drive to New Orleans for a celebratory 21st birthday dinner for my big girl. I would do anything to see my “kiddos” smile like this every day of the week!

birthday girl

With friends in tow, plus extended NO family and the six of us (my mom came too) we crashed The Original French Market Restaurant in the French Quarter and threw down. Buckets of crawfish, platters of crab cakes, towers of onion rights and, of course, drinks is how we started the evening.
Here are some pics of The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar established in 1803 located in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
french market corner logo
First up was the 3-pound boat of boiled crawfish that put the biggest smile on my SYD’s face.
We also had to get my mom in on it. Luckily one of my BFFs was there to show here.
crawfish lesson
Here’s one of their famous appetizers: Crab Cakes covered in Crawfish Sauce. 
Here’s one of their famous Shrimp PoBoy entrees.
We were only staying for dinner and would drive back to Atlanta in the morning, but my husband knows that I do not leave New Orleans without having two things: a po-boy and beignets. The fried shrimp slathered in remoulade sauce with probably placed pickles on french bread makes happily delirious. 
And instead of the traditional birthday cake we walked down Bourbon Street with almost 20 members of family and friends to Cafe Du Monde to celebrate with beignets, coffee and hot chocolate for everyone!
cafe du monde door
And finally, the beignet. Fried dough with excess powdered sugar.beignets
At Cafe Du Monde. Ok, I’ve said enough. Look at it and go get on the treadmill
As hectic as my life is with four kids and a needy husband/business partner, trips away from home are refreshing. Exercising my techie mind is awesome and spreading familial love is what life is all about. In one week, I was able to do both.
What’s the craziest foodie road trip you’ve ever made? If you’re looking for more tips on how to eat your way through New Orleans check out my other post here
Let's keep life yummy together!

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