Gift Guide for Father’s Day

I love Father’s Day.

SHB as Daddy

First of all – because I’m a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl and even though I’m not able to spend the day with my dad in the physical, he’s always with me and on Father’s Day, I smile and shout to the heavens “I love you!” repeatedly.

Me and My Daddy

Secondly, I love doting on my husband. He deserves this one day each year to feel how we love him. He claims that it’s not a big deal, but I know he looks forward to it, and each year I do my best to make him feel special and appreciated.

And what makes a man feel more appreciated than food?

He doesn’t want a tie or a watch, he wants a grill or a bbq sauce maker so he can fire up some fish or steak and enjoy the day on the deck. And maybe a renewed subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket. He’s basic in that way — food, family and football — and I love him for it. I could get him golf clubs or some new workout equipment but they might never get used. But something having to do with food, he will devour!

Below is a gift guide that will sure to make your hubby happy. Of course, I had to do one for the cooks in your life! And there’s one for every type of dad below. 

Gifts for the Dads that loves COOKING Gifts for the Dads that loves TECHNOLOGY Gifts for the Dads that loves FITNESS Gifts for the Dads that loves ARTSY Gifts for the Dads that loves BUSINESS Gifts for the Dads that loves SPORTS

Even though we are only in mid-June, football season is coming, which means the canopy will come in handy all the way through November. If your man is like mine, he cherishes his family, food and football so give him what he wants — ties are so 1980s — and see him smile and whisper “thank you.”

Let's keep life yummy together!

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