Happy National Pi (Pie) Day

Happy National Pi (Pie) Day!

By now, I am sure you know that it’s National Pi Day. Not “pie” like to eat but “Pi” like 3.14. As much as I like math and numbers, I never fully understood what this was all about but since it rhymes with “pie” and I do like to eat, I figured I would have fun and tie (I rhymed again!) them together.

I cruised Whole Foods yesterday in search of tasty pies. Look at what I found! And they’re having great fruit pie specials as well as take home pizza pie specials. Check your local area for more details. 



Pie 2

Pie 3Admittedly, I am not a big pie eater. Maybe occasionally I will have the crust, but I do not like hot fruit, so no apple, cherry or sweet potato pie. (I know sweet potato is a root vegetable but I still hate it as a dessert!)

If you’re into pie as in pizza or quiche, here’s some more recipes from me. 





And finally, I’m off to Your Pie Pizza for their Pi Day discount dinner. Will post pictures later!

Let's keep life yummy together!

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