It’s Time To Makeover My Chaotic Kitchen

2016 is officially a week in and I am still “intentionally” doing what I said I would.

Not so much of a resolution but a commitment to change. As I enter the 40th year of life, I know what makes me happy and what does not. Living with intention, being clear about my needs and wants, is now a permanent life choice.

Organization in home life (especially the kitchen) is one of the key pieces I need to be intentional about and my readers will be too. As mommies and wives, we often neglect ourselves but this can be held to a minimum if we are organized. I can make a million and one lists and add appointments to my calendar, but even this takes organization and structure. Our kitchen, probably like yours, is a central meeting place that gets the most foot traffic and can easily become unorganized. Add on to the fact that my 11-year-old son is now in charge of putting away clean dishes, and I sometimes cannot find particular pot lids for weeks! So it is my intention to use my keyword of the year for the organization in my kitchen!


As you can see, my cabinets are full of familial chaos. It’s cute and crazy. The first step to organization is to take everything out, assess what you need versus what you don’t and put everything back as a set rather than what this is now.


Here you can see I started to take everything out of the cabinets.


How many pots and spatulas and gadgets does a girl need! Ok, so I know I need new knives and a fresh set of pots. It may be time to hit up Target or Sams for their post-holiday sales.


The key to kitchen organization is this:






By seeing what I have, I can address it and ultimately arrange it. Check back next week to see how much I’ve “intentionally” accomplished!

Let's keep life yummy together!

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