My husband actually ate Chinese food in China

In May, my husband came back from a Conference and told me that he might be able to go to China to meet with students and help them apply to college in the U.S.  He seemed excited but I was slightly hesitant since there was no real plan in place only an idea, a possibility. He’s a big dreamer and is always talking about his vision for our lives and our family, so I was excited for this opportunity for him. 

Well, almost 60 days to the day that he planted the seed, he boarded a plane to Beijing and would later travel to Nanjing and Shanghai to do what he does best: encourage young people and give them the tools to soar. I am not saying China was on my bucket list but I know it was on his, so I am really proud of him to have gotten this opportunity. My only request of him was to make sure he tried the cultural food and take plenty of pictures. Now let me tell you this is no small hurdle because my husband typically doesn’t eat Chinese food. It’s just not his favorite delicacy.  Although I wouldn’t be tasting, he would, thus, I would be too. We are one, right?! 

So this week, I’m allowing him to hijack my blog.

Here’s some pictures from a night out in the Lions Den and his description of the Chinese food. 
SHB speaks (LOL)
It’s weird when you can’t read a menu or even identify what’s in the picture you’re looking at. I’m so used to knowing exactly what I am putting into my body that the mere thought of “mystery meat” was scary. Thankfully, I had three Chinese assistants/translators with me and they were able to explain mostly what everything was. 

Boiled shrimp: tasty, well-seasoned and weird. But good weird. I don’t like to de-shell my food, but my wife does, so maybe she would’ve liked it. She would not have liked that the vein was still there. 

Broccoli and garlic sauce: absolutely delicious. I could smell the fresh garlic aroma from the perfectly crisp steamed broccoli. I know and love my broccoli and this was fantastic. 
Fried rice: I asked the assistants to order this just in case the other offerings didn’t sit well with me. I wouldn’t try the duck – even though I was told it was scrumptious – because I am trying not eat anything that has feet. So the fried rice was a safety net and it was superb. The eggs, vegetables and especially the scallions blended nicely with the buttery white rice. 
“Fish”: this sounds so ignorant but I have no idea what kind of fish I just ate. All I know is that it was served whole, split open and given to me in a bowl over brown noodles. I devoured it because it had just the right amount of spice and broth. The fish was soft and flaky and I could easily navigate around the bones. A huge score to top off a great Chinese meal in Nanjing. 
Here’s some of the dishes that others enjoyed at dinner.
So, there you have it. My bland eating husband – oatmeal, salad and vanilla ice cream – gets to sample an array of flavors 7,591 miles away and all I can do it look at pictures and trust him. Thankfully, I do and I think I can even taste some of what he has described. You’re the best honey!

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