Are you joining me at ShiftCon 2016 in New Orleans?

 Are you a blogger? Have you been thinking about being a blogger? Are you the tree hugger type? Do you love all things “green” and eco-friendly and natural living? If YES – here’s a great conference for you. And the bonus is you get to explore New Orleans too when you attend ShiftCon 2016.


Blogging conventions allow you to be amongst like-minded people!

If you are a blogger, you need a support team. You need folks you can learn from and help you to lean in. When you attend conferences, you meet the friends you make online in person, you make new friends and you physically meet the companies that you want to partner with going forward.

Get to know your fellow bloggers, because the only way to spread the word about your own blog across the internet quickly, is to share other people’s blogs too! Sharing truly is caring in this internet world and when you make other blogger friends in your blogging field, you can reach an even wider crowd together. For instance, I joined a blogging mastermind group LINC Lifestyle influencers Network & Collaborative and most of us will be at ShiftCon this year including Danielle Faust of; April Grant of April Noelle; Ari Adams of Love, Peace and Tiny Feet; and Aaronica Bell Cole of The Crunchy Mommy; we’re still hopeful that Kendra and Miko will join us too! But we’re comprised of women from all across the country including several of us who will be meeting in person for the first time. Can’t wait to learn and of course explore New Orleans food scene with these ladies as well as the new buddies we make.

ShiftCon Social Media Conference for the green, tree-hugger, healthy eating, healthy living blogger

ShiftCon is the only green and eco-conscious blogging conference out there right now. I am so excited to go to ShiftCon for the first time this year, and meet with all the  who have been vetted and cleared after passing strict criteria which is required by the sponsors. brands that have passed the strict criteria required of the sponsors involved. There will also be a plethora of guest speakers and panelists for us to learn all about social media, the fight against GMO’s, natural and healthy living, natural parenting, and more!

What is ShiftCon you might ask? 

Shiftcon Social Media Conference was created to support social media influencers who care about food, wellness, health and the environment. This conference blends professional workshops, networking, parties, and intense collaboration of changemakers from all over under one roof. With a solid focus on green content creation, food & environmental activism, organic and non-GMO food, social media marketing, educating the public, natural products, recruiting additional influencers and making this world better for future generations, ShiftCon is unique in its draw and reach. Connect with brands and people who are really changing our future and experience ShiftCon! This year, the conference is being hosted at Hilton Riverside New Orleans and you’ll get to explore the culturally rich city of New Orleans. 

Come join me and other bloggers and business in the eco-friendly world 

When you attend conferences like this – you’ll get to rub elbows with amazing bloggers, companies, and sponsors. During December 1-3, 2016, you’ll learn more about healthy living from sponsors such as iBlog Magazine, Applegate Natural & Organic Meats, Annie’s, Three Twins Ice Cream and many, many more.   

So, if you’re a blogger you, don’t wait any longer. Register for Shiftcon today. And if you use my affiliate link IBUTTERANDBEETS, you’ll save $50 off the regular ticket price $399.99. I’m excited to partner with them this year. I’ll be on social media all weekend so please be sure to reach out. I’m @butterandbeats on all social media platforms.

Some links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you purchase a conference ticket. Thanks for your support!

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