Squeeze in a quickie and meet up for lunch

Squeeze in a quickie and meet up for lunch

I love this place. I know I might say that a lot – because I honestly do love so many foodie places – but right now, in Atlanta, St. Cecilia is by far my favorite place for lunch or dinner. The incredible food, pleasant and efficient service, and amazing décor, make this the primo spot in Buckhead right now. The first time I came about two years ago was with a friend of mine who makes her restaurant rounds. She knew I would like this, and I did. She claimed I even moaned…….

Recently, I went and this was my 4th or 5th visit and I am still in awe. My husband got home from traveling for a few days and asked me to meet him in the city for a quickie…lunch. I had never had lunch at St. Cecilia’s figuring it could not top its dinner menu. Boy was I wrong! In some respects, I was even more impressed. 

The fresh baked focaccia bread is to die for. Soft and salty, it has so much flavor that you will abandon your “no carbs” ideal just for this lunch. The ricotta is whipped to perfection and basted with a bit of olive oil to make everything right. Be sure to order one per person because you’re not going to want to share. Don’t believe me? Just watch!
lunchWe also enjoyed roasted squash for one of our appetizers. 


But the star of the show was the roasted lobster claw in a saffron broth ladled on top of extra toasted bread. You will not want this dish to end. The lobster is cooked to perfection. Then just as you finish the meal, you are blessed with this yummy luscious piece of bread that has soaked up all of them broth and juices from the lobster. As a foodie, I have to say this is the best way I’ve ever experienced a lobster appetizer. 

st cecilia

For me to do a fish other than shrimp is huge. When my husband told the waitress that he and I would split the swordfish, I was hesitant; white fish does not excite me. But I trust St. Cecilia and I know I have to dare to be different if I want my husband and kids to. The sear swordfish was delectable. I could smell the fresh fish when the waitress sat it down and I am oh so glad that my husband and I split it because it was hearty! 


And if you think you’re not a fan of brussels sprouts because your grandmother used to steam them and force you to eat them, this dish here will change your mind. The brussels sprouts are roasted and sprinkled with salt and pomegrante seeds. 


And I would be total remised if I didn’t tell you to try any of the pasta dishes. While they are on the small side, you’l definiately need a side or two if you plan on the pasta only being your meal, it’s so worth it. The chefs are making fresh pasta and filling it ever so gently with the perfect choices of seafood or vegetables. Here’s my stuffed lobster and corn ravioli topped with even more lobster. Perfection!

Lunch was great. A midday date with the man I love is rare, and I am glad we didn’t just go to a sandwich shop. St. Cecilia is a hit no matter when you go, so try it for a classy mommies lunch, catching up with a friend you haven’t seen a in while, a “power lunch” if you need to make a deal, or a romantic date night away from the kids.

If you’re like me and escaping for a night out for Valentine’s Day, isn’t an option why not make it a Netflix&Chill type of night. Put the kids to bed, bun up with your husband and enjoy a marathon of movies!

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  1. Koninika says:

    Food looked delicious but I enjoyed reading your excitement and enthusiasm about the place. I can hear you truly happy in the post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Skye says:

    Oh my – this post made me SO hungry!!! That focaccia with ricotta looks absolutely delicious. I will definitely have to check this place out next time I’m in Atlanta!

  3. Sarah Ross-Koves says:

    I hated brussel sprouts until my husband roasted them. Now they are a favorite at our house. I wish I could have fun lunch breaks like this, but as a teacher, I only 30 mins from bell to bell. Lucky to finish my lunch most days.

  4. Heather lawrence says:

    Oh my…. I am drooling just looking at your photos! My eldest is heading to Atlanta tomorrow (sheesh that trip came fast!) so I will make sure she sees this post. It’s always easier going to a new city if you know at least one restaurant where the food is amazing!

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