The 10 Best Things About the WOW Summit

The 10 Best Things About the WOW Summit

This past October I had the opportunity to attend the WOW Summit in San Diego, CA and I had a blast. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful bloggers and brand representatives as well as learn from some of the best doctors and specialists in the healthy eating/healthy living world. 

#1: Moms Meet & Kiwi Magazine have put on the WOW Summit for the past several years to inspire moms to raise happy and healthy families. There’s an entire Expo Hall with vendors showcasing and sharing samples from everything on how to clean your home without chemicals to foods that are healthy and not harmful. You’ll also meet brand representatives as well who want to discuss ways to collaborate with bloggers to use their social media influence to spread the word about their company and products. 

#2: There’s a day devoted to bloggers. Not all conference are created equal and some conferences. The WOW Summit conference puts a lot of effort into bringing you up close and personal with brands. This year, we had like a Speed Dating session with the brand representatives. It was fun and very educational because it helped you practice your elevator pitch. 

#3: The speakers are fellow rockstar bloggers and journalist. People like Amie Valpone and Andrea Barbalich created help sessions to teach bloggers tips on how to keep readers engaged to treating your blog like a magazine and creating a true editorial calendar. 

#4: The EXPO Hall is filled to capacity with brands that promote healthy eating and living. The representatives are not just hired to man a table, they’re here on behalf of the company and are knowledgeable about the products. Yes, we all love a good sample (especially when it’s pizza from SmartFlour or baked goods from InTheRaw) but I want to understand what I’m eating and why it’s a better choice for me and my family. 

#5: Come to the conference with an open mind. Be willing to meet other people. Think about reaching out to attendees on social media before you arrive so that you can put a face to a name. Maybe even grab dinner like I did with a few bloggers the night before the conference. I have also found that the conference attendees are very friendly and the staff gently pushes you to mingle. During the cocktail hour, you’ll have to play a game of find someone who can answer “this” question and get their name. Even though, it’s a game, it really creates a moment in which you can learn more about your fellow bloggers and attendees. I was fortunate enough to meet 3 complete strangers who have become some of my best blogging buddies. Then don’t just walk away from the conference and not look back. Stay in touch. We decided to create a Facebook group to keep us connected. 

#6: The guest speakers will make you say WOW! This year Louise Greenspan, M.D. and Julianna Deardorff, Ph.D. authors of The New Puberty shed light on the beauty and personal hygiene products we use without thinking of the chemicals and ramifications it is having on our youth. We also learned from Chef Ann Cooper who is author, chef, educator, public speaker and advocate for healthy food, especially in our school systems. 

#7: The “conference” bag you receive on the last day requires it’s own luggage. No seriously. It’s ginormous. And best of all it has items that you really want to try.

Here’s a small list of some of the items in our goodie bags:

  • SmartFlour
  • Sugar in the Raw 
  • Real Salt by Redmond 
  • Solgar
  • Horizon 
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Dr. Bronner’s 
  • FloraHealth 
  • Kiwi Magazine
  • Pearls Olives
  • Veri
  • Eden

#8: This conference is infant friendly. I think this is a great thing. This conference is geared towards women – some who are bloggers others who aren’t. It’s a fact that most mom’s will put off what they want to do in life because they have babies, but here you’re free to bring your infants so that you can learn more about healthy living, eating and blogging. Just remember that if your little one gets even the slightest bit fussy, please remove yourself from the room as to not interrupt the session and remember the keyword here is an infant.

#9: Plan to brain dump…every night. You are going to learn a ton of information and you want to make notes somewhere. As a blogger, I was there to meet brands and other bloggers. As a health conscious mommy and wife, I was there to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. Make notes accordingly. Come with business cards and use them. Exchange your information with others. Remember to collect and make notes about people each night. It will make it easier to remember later as to how and why you want to stay in touch with them. 

#10: More than just another blogging conference, WOW Summit spoke to me last year. Anytime healthy living is promoted, as moms we should all attend and learn more. We are the nurturers of our kids and in order for them to take care of their bodies, we have to take care of ourselves AND them! WOW Summit is packed full of really cool cutting edge information that will make any mom want to “think” more about what our children put on their skin and ingest in their bodies

Can’t wait to attend the WOW Summit in 2016. A little birdie told me that it’s coming back to the east coast – but you have to stay tuned to find out. 

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