Want instant VIP status? Use Table8

In my wife and mommy world, going out on a “date night” is rare. My husband and I do just enough that we can appreciate each other away from the kids and enjoy a nice evening of — hopefully – fine dining. One issue we always have is where we should go and what time should make a reservation. As a foodie and food blogger,  I love trying new restaurants and knowing which one is the “it” place to be always stumps me. And once I figure it out, the mere sight of 9:15pm being the only available reservation time immediately makes me yawn. I like 7:30pm dinner. 8pm the latest. I want to eat, hang out and be home before Saturday Night Live!

Table8Enter the Table8 app which is available on iOS and Android platforms as well as online. It is a cool new way to reserve your reservation. (Yes, you can read that again). Instead of just having a reservation, Table8 allows you claim your table by leapfrogging over any and everyone. At cost, of course. Starting in Miami, it quickly expanded to most major metropolitan cities, especially those frequented by business travelers, Table8 is a luxury app.  It is a way to ensure the “best seat in the house” at the spur of the moment.

Right now, there’s select restaurants participating. Luckily, I can vouch for the majority of them in the Atlanta market and paying for a table at some of the hottest new eateries in town such as St. Cecilia, Chops Lobster Bar and Bistro Niko would well be worth it.

The pros? Great seating at great restaurants, guaranteed. The cons? It costs. Minimum $20 and sometimes more depending on the volume of reservations being requested. It’s almost like greasing the palm of the concierge to get the best seat in the house at the most sought after restaurants. I hope that it comes to the suburbs because when a new restaurant opens or a new executive chef takes over, it’s a headache trying to get in on the date and time that you want. 

For a person who loves to plan ahead, I’m not sure how often I would use the app but when the husband and I plan an impromptu night out, Table8 could save the day by getting us in…with the in crowd!

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