A Well-Fed and (kind of) Rested Mama (Mother’s Day 2016 recap)

I never know what to expect on Mother’s Day. Sometimes I’m now even sure what I want. Is it gifts? Maybe. Is it time off and away? Usually. Is the “perfect day” that we all seek? Sure. But since all of the above have not happened in the twelve years that I’ve been a mom, I tend to settle for simply wanting a “good day.” A peaceful, non-confrontational day where all the children (even the grown ones with jobs) get along, have minimal screaming and of course dote on me. Is that too much to ask for?

Well, this year I got it. My family treated me to beautiful family day starting off with an 8am wake-up (not ideal but progress), church, an awesome Mother’s Day brunch (see pics below) and new mattress (yes!) and a pre-teen cooked dinner that was actually really good and even more thoughtful.  


Now, I’ve been to Negril several times but never for their Sunday brunch. I’m not sure if every Sunday is Mother’s Day there, but it should be.

Look at the options me and the family had to choose from:


Oxtails Empanadas


Oxtail Hash


My Mom


Jerk Chicken & Waffles with a side of Mac & Cheese

So as I am still basking in the glow from quality rest — no, I do not have pictures of my new mattress — you can see that food and rest on Mother’s Day makes for a happy mommy. I mean, just look at my face!


Let's keep life yummy together!

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