The WOW Summit – Conference Recap

WOW Summit: Nov. 7-9, 2014

WOW, and I mean literally, WOW what a conference! This year’s WOW Summit (Conference) was incredible! I learned so much, met so many cool people, got to sample so many healthy snacks and best of all, it was minutes from DISNEY WORLD!!!

WOW Summit 2014

I say all of this because rarely do I get away from my full time life as a mom and it was so nice and so necessary to be around sponsors and fellow bloggers who are committed to raising healthy families. I have to admit though, even with what I believe to be my pretty healthy eating habits, the conference made me look at food differently.


The event kicked off with a Welcome Luau presented by Zevia.The food was great. Your spouse was allowed to join you. And they had a really cool ice breaker. Best of all the cocktails were all made with Zevia. 


Thanks to all of the presenters, I know I have to make some serious changes. 

Suzy Stauffer author “Beyond the Bus Stop: Balancing Motherhood & Your Dreams ” is AMAZING. I know it’s cliche to say that someone is an angel among us but she truly is one. . She “gave” us permission to dream without feeling guilty. What makes you feel good? Create a To Do List for 2015 then break that list down to smaller task. What do you need to do this month, this week and then today?

She really spoke to me. I remember having to escape my house. I felt after growing our family from one to four that I was drowning and quickly losing myself. After talking to my Husband and my inner circle, I realized that I need a break. Through a series of events, I was blessed to run off to Bermuda for a week. Yes a whole week. I’ll post more about that story soon.

I have my list ready for 2015….do you?


Robyn O’Brien presented Food for 21st Century Families: How health changes affected our kitchens. She’s a MOM turned activist- who’s kid got sick and made her realized that it was the food he was consuming. Just think about it – why does yogurt have to be pink? Why do they sell foods here in the United States of America with artificially flavored ingredients that other countries only sell with natural ingredients?



Just take a moment to peek in your pantry and read the food labels. Can you understand them? Probably not and I’m assuming you’re a pretty smart person. Ok – so don’t throw everything out.

Here’s a tip – the next time you have to replace something after it’s finished just make a healthier choice. Over time you’ll have a much healthier kitchen and food options for those that you love the most. 



Genetically Modified Organisms better know as GMO is real and all of us need to decide how we can eliminate it – albeit gradually – from our diets. Our kids are getting so many dyes, preservatives and chemicals and we feed it to them because it’s in front of us and it’s fast and it’s easy. Well, raising kids is not easy; trying to keep weight down is not easy; being married is not easy. We are willingly to do so many hard things in life, yet we shortchange our health and our kids by feeding them whatever is “easy.” No more, not for me anyway. I was lucky enough to win a copy that I’m going to giveaway this weekend because I’ve already seen the movie. You can also watch the trailer below. 

GMO OMG Film Logo


watch the trailer gmo omg

Education was just the beginning. Perks & fun abound.

Not only did this conference cover the big topics like healthy eating and green living, they also provided tons of opportunities to meet brands that love bloggers. There were several breakout sessions designed just for us. Amanda Boyarshinov did a great job discussing blogging and social media. Be sure to follow her: 

Check out some of the swag we got from the conference. Who would’ve thought that they could make seaweed a snack? By far the best thing in my bag was the official conference t-shirt. It truly sums up who we are as Moms. 


Wow Summit T-shirt

Swag Bag from WOW Summit


And while most of the conference was mentally heavy they fed us good! I learned of snacks that will help me keep the baby weight off and bring sexy back. These two companies are amazing and have food that really taste good. Unlike most of my friends, I can’t eat stuff that taste like cardboard just because it’s “good for me”. I’m a foodie and it has to taste good. These chips can be eaten alone or with dips. And the cookies – let’s just say the little ones: 2 year old twin girls & 10 year old son finished all the samples so I don’t have any pictures.

So this will have to do…IMG_1928.JPG





The giveaways were top notch. I even won a baby food processor and juicer. The twins are going to love this for Christmas. They love to juice with daddy and now they’ll get to do it in their own juicer. 

Nuk Smoothie MakerThe event ended with a private blogger luncheon sponsored by Zevia, Xlear, Produce for Kids, Babies R Us and Solgar. Again, it’s nice when companies recognize the power of a blogger in the same breathe as other forms of media.  

I’m sure you can tell that I LOVED this conference. The Green Moms Meet Team was amazing. I truly can’t wait for next year and hope that even as they grow they continue to share easy to digest information for us moms as well as amazing opportunities for bloggers such as myself. I’m so glad that I accepted the offer to attend!


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