Yes, I’m a Groupon Goods Groupie

(This note that is a sponsored post and I have been compensated with payment or product to endorse this brand. All opinions are mine.)

I have four kids and they all need “stuff”. I’m not always sure what they need, so in the past, in the chaos of life, I would simply go grab whatever from the closest wholesale “we sell everything” store. That, of course, led to me buying more than I needed, thus blowing up our budget and spinning my wheels. There had to be a better way.

Groupon GoodsEnter Groupon Goods. I cannot tell you how much infinitely better my life has been since becoming a dedicated “Groupon groupie.” One site, tons of discounted products, services and opportunities, and all on display for my choosing. FOR FREE! No monthly subscription, no quarterly payment. Simple access to a phenomenal resource. I actually have fun shopping for my family on Groupon because I know I will find almost everything I need — no, they do not sell almond milk — and I can click, save and feel accomplished.

Trust me – as a wife to a husband who travels monthly and mommy to a college student, middle schooler and toddler twins, I always look to save on necessities from playroom storage to luggage and I can find it at a great discount on Group. Right now you can even find great back to school items such as Personalized Children’s Labels. Hopefully this will keep the toddlers to the teens from losing so many items this school year. Fingers Crossed!!!

Groupon Goods

As moms, we have enough to deal with in our everyday lives that it’s nice to have a online money savior that works with us. Groupon has been incredibly useful for saving time and money for me and my family. If you’re not using Groupon Goods, you’re missing out. Join me and become a “Groupon groupie!” 

Let's keep life yummy together!

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